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Department of Financial and Administrative Law

Department of Financial and Administrative Law focuses on teaching core subject as a bachelor and master degree. Financial law and administrative law are separate sectors legal system and regulate particular issues related to the functioning, operation, management and control of public authorities, the activities and functioning of central banks, the so-called status and operations. Supervised financial market entities. Department of Financial and Administrative Law provides not only teach compulsory subjects, which are financial law and administrative law, as well as additional items that are focused on tax law, administration of justice, cadastral proceedings, land law, environmental law, trading in the financial markets and the foundations of finance and economics.

Knowledge of the issues related to the public service activities are clearly necessary for the successful practice of law school graduate, not only in public administration but also in representing clients in legal profession, notarial activities, respectively. Execution activities.

Members of the department are actively involved in scientific activities, within the framework of national and international conferences, is the author of several monographs, comments on the law, scientific works, expert studies, research papers in national and international journals.

The aim of the department is to connect theoretical knowledge with practical experience of individual teachers.