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Department of International, European Law and Legal Communication

Department of International, European Law and Legal Communication provides teaching of subjects in the field of international and European law and develops students' ability to communicate technical issues in foreign languages.

The core subjects including Public International Law, Private International Law, and European Union Law are complemented by a wide range of optional subjects offered in undergraduate and graduate studies. Selected courses offered by the department are also provided in English, French and Russian versions. Separately offered are subjects such as Legal Communication in English and German. The aim of these courses is to prepare students to understand written text and professional lectures in foreign languages.

One of the last projects in which the department was extensively involved, titled "Promoting teaching of study programmes in foreign languages", was also focused on the development of language skills of law students and was financed from EU structural funds. Within the project, the opportunity was given to the students to study a number of compulsory and elective courses provided by the Department also in different languages (especially English but also Russian and French).

Great emphasis is also given by the Department on practical training of students in order to teach students to use the acquired knowledge in practice. This offer of optional subjects of the Department and organisation of teaching itself is oriented in this direction. Therefore, in several courses, seminars take place in the form of model situation solution-search, analysis of the case law of European and international judicial bodies, and the exam consists of both the theoretical and practical parts. The Department seeks to provide thematic lectures and guests from abroad, mostly in English language.

The aim of the course is to give graduates a comprehensive orientation in the international and European law, to familiarize students with different language documents of international and European origin, including the case law of the European Court bodies and thus prepare them to work in international and European institutions, or in the field of cross-border legal relations.