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Department of Commercial and Economic Law

The Department of Commercial and Economic Law of Faculty of Law of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica foremost provides teaching of one of the  core courses within the area of private law which is commercial law. At the same time, it has strong connection to the civil law and therefore it provides substantial interpretation of the private law in the pedagogical process.

A market economy based on private enterprise is regulated by the legislative acts that are in the terms of pedagogical process a part of commercial law.

The Department within teaching the commercial law provides the prospective law school graduates necessary knowledge for legal practice because according to the statistics and experience with the legal field, most of the graduates deal with commercial law in practice.

Within the teaching of commercial law, the Department also provides valuable insights necessary for other positive-legal subjects that are taught at the Faculty regarding the legal entities. In this area, the focus is on companies, cooperatives, entrepreneurs - individuals and supranational legal forms that constitute the businesses.

Business has in many areas the public law aspects, and therefore to the necessary extent, the Department also provides teaching of Economic law, which gives the graduate a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the legal regulation of the business and functioning of market economy.

The members of the Department are aware, that in addition to the knowledge of fundamental instruments and legal and theoretical aspects of the taught courses, it is necessary to prepare graduates of the Faculty of Law for the practice. For these reasons, the Department offers as a part of optional and elective subjects especially those, which are explicitly oriented towards the legal profession.

Within these subjects, the Department together with the students annually organizes Moot Court in the courtroom of the Faculty, as well as in the District Court in Banská Bystrica and the drafting of various legal documents, that are most common in legal practice (actions, contracts, legal analyzes, etc.).

The Department works closely with related departments of law faculties in Slovakia and abroad, and its members are involved in national and international conferences. At the same time, they are members of committees for PhD, habilitation and inauguration proceedings, in these proceedings they are appointed as opponents.

In the research process the Department has successfully conducted project VEGA number 1/0625/09: Insolvent Right as a Mean of Protecting Market Economy, as well as project VEGA number 1/0894/12: The Legal Status of Creditor in the Recovery of Claims.