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Department of Civil Law

The department of Civil Law covers education and research in area of civil law as a general part of private law in legal system of the Slovak Republic, what highlights its importance and significance.

Within educational activity the department of Civil Law provides teaching of the following subjects: Civil Law I. and II. (Civil Law), Civil Law III. and IV. (Civil procedural law), Civil law V. (Intellectual property law), Family Law, Medical Law, Clinic of Civil Law I. and II., Current issues of civil law. Department offers also teaching of two subjects in English language: Intellectual property law and Consumer Law.

The main part of education deals with Civil Law and Civil procedural law, where teaching is focused primarily on acquiring and extending knowledge of students in theoretical and practical area of civil law, what may students also find out important and useful in study of other related branches of law (eg. Commercial law, Labor law and others.). The main goal of the department is to make students understand the theory of civil law, to gain knowledge of its legislation and institutes and to make them able to apply it in practice. After all students should be able to work with legal acts, to gain theoretical knowledge of civil law, to understand and use legal terminology and to learn analytical thinking in order to express their own legal opinion based on acquired knowledge.

Within research activities, members of the department covers a wide spectrum of problems and issues of civil law. They are authors and co-authors of several publications, textbooks and scientific articles which deals with the civil law and its issues.