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Department of Constitutional Law

The Department provides the teaching of the following obligatory subjects: The Slovak Republic State Law I., the Slovak Republic State Law II., and the compulsory optional subjects: the Constitution Law of the Selected European States, the European Union Constitution Law, Proceedings at the SR Constitution Court, E-justice within the SR Constitution System I, E-justice within the SR Constitution System II and the elective subjects: The Structure of Defending Law Bodies and the Constitutional Law in Judicial Practice taught in English.

Within their project researches, publishing, analytical and assessment activities, the department members give their attention to the questions regarding the constitution judicature, the implementation of the judicial power independence and impartiality, to the analyses of decision-making processes made by the constitution and international courts including the SR general courts. Besides that in their research work they are concentrated on the protection of basic rights and freedoms of the Slovak Republic and EU member states as well.