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Department of Labour Law and Social Security Law

Members of the department of labour law and social security law provide teaching of subjects Labour law I. and Labour law II., Social security law and International and european labour law. Aim of the education is, that students afther passing each of these subjects should be able to master the conceptual definition of the labour law institutes, which are necessary for the identification of labour law, also orientation in the system and institutes of social security law and last but not least introduction into the basic institutes and documents of international and european labour law. In the education process the emphasis is put on the self-activity of the student, ability to think logically and usage of the prior knowledge. We consider as important, that graduate has to be able to use knowledge of labour law not only in the concept of Slovak republic, but also from the point of view of labour law of European union. In the education process, we provide teaching of subject International and european labour law in English. Department also offers labour law as an optional subject in the final state examination for Master’s degree.