Criminological and Criminalistic Research Center CCRC

"The Criminological and Criminalistic Research Center at the Faculty of Law of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica" (CCRC) is a specialized research center of the Faculty of Law for the examination of the protection of persons, property and other legally protected interests, which performs the scientific research and expert activities in accordance with the long-term development plan and intentions of the faculty / university.
The primary objects of the study are the praxeological problems from the fields of Criminal Law, the Criminology and Criminalistics, the Cyber Crime and prevention, the Protection of Persons and Property by the Criminal Law standards, and the Security agenda within the national and international projects / grants.

Within the research center, we are building the following workplaces:

Forensic Laboratory,
Laboratory of Environmental Crime and Prevention,
Laboratory of Cyber Criminology and Victimology.

Director of CCRC assoc. prof. JUDr. Jaroslav Klátik, PhD.

Deputy Director of CCRC KE (regional branch at the Technical University of Košice)

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