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Characteristics of the faculty

The approval of existence of the Faculty of Law of UMB was adopted with a resolution of the government of the Slovak Republic no. 256 from 18th April 1995. The seat of the faculty was the town Banská Bystrica.

In accordance with enactment § 1 paragraph 2 the act no. 131/2002 Z.z. about the colleges and about the change and supplement some acts in the wording of later regulations (next only „ZVŠ"), the mission of the faculty, as a part of the European space of university education and common European space of research, is to develop the scientific-educational work in the field of sciences about the state and law. First of all, its aim is to prepare experts with high qualification and proper education for the complex coverage of all spheres of the legal practice.

The faculty in its main activity provides, organizes and secures the university education in the framework of acreditary study programmes all of three stages of study, other education and grants academic and scientific-educational titles, in the field of research Law and study branches and programmes of the legal basis that belongs to it.

The faculty executes the fundamental and applicable research that corresponds with the needs of the society based on knowledge and with the needs of social practice. The Law School uses the brand – new knowledge of science and technology within the education of students and joins them the creative scientific activity, then keeps and develops the worths of social and legal science with its published work and scientific activity.