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Department of Theory of State and Law

Department of the Theory of a State and Law provides educational activities and scientific research in the field of theoretical science of the state and law, particularly in the theory and philosophy of law, sociology of law, legal ethics, secondary and legal methodology.

Teaching Activities Department of a State and Law are concentrated primarily in the first half of the Bachelor's degree, in which are provided all compulsory subjects, compulsory optional subjects and optional courses provided by the department. Department provides teaching compulsory subjects Theory of a State, Theory of a Law; compulsory optional subjects Fundamentals of a legal philosophy I, Fundamentals of a legal philosophy II., Fundamentals of the sociology of a law, the European Union Strategic Studies I. Strategic Studies of the European Union II., Political Science I, Political Science II. Political and legal thinking in Europe, theories of justice and foreign language elective subject in English Legal and Social Interaction in Central Europe (Socio-legal interaction in Central Europe). From the selection of department provides teaching of the social psychology for law and ethics of the legal profession. Students graduating articles the teaching provided by Department of the Theory of the State and Law acquire a basic overview of the functioning of justice in the society of his system breakdowns on its production, application and so on. Studies in these subjects should propaedeutic character for subsequent study of positive-legal subjects, which are located mainly in the second half of the Bachelor's degree, master's and doctoral studies.

As part of its research activities, members of the Department of a State and Law focused on examining the most general questions of law and justice. From other jurisdictions (in particular positive-legal disciplines) different scientific-research activity theory of a law and the rights of its methods of investigation. Theory of the State and Law is characterized by a higher degree of generalization in which there is a separation of what is studied for a minor aspect to accentuate what is its hallmark.

Research activity Department of a State and a Law is implemented through the solution of grant research projects and participation in science and research at domestic and foreign scientific research institutions. To publish the results of research members of the department is primarily through the organization and participation in international and national scientific conferences. Secondary publication of research results is realized in the form of publishing monographs, university textbooks, scientific and professional studies. Overview of all registered members of the scientific outputs Department of a State and Law can be found through the database of the University Library of the University of Matej Bel (http://arl1.library.sk/arl-umb/sk/index/).

Faculty of Education University of Matej Bel